a hard–working
and joyous hamlet

Ron is a small hamlet of Valdobbiadene, near the centre and therefore considered to be ‘the promenade for Valdobbiadene’s inhabitants’.

It is a peaceful place, not disturbed by the flow of traffic, as this valley is frequented mainly by the residents. It has the characteristics of an old town centre but, like most of the Valdobbiadene’s territory, it is also a place of vine growing and therefore characterized by its beautiful rolling hills with gentle slopes, where agriculture still hasn’t been mechanized and everything is done by hand.

Ron offers a lot of opportunities for a stroll on foot or a trip out by bicycle or by horse, in the vineyards, the meadows and the woods, to seek out the scenic vistas. In a few minutes on foot you can reach Marconi Square, Valdobbiadene’s centre and going along an easy to walk route you can reach at the little church of St. Floriano, that overlooks the town centre.

Traditionally this is a hard-working village, where, besides the farmers, there are many craftsmen. Moreover, the inhabitants are very industrious and active in organizing the village festivals. During the year the Saint Rocco Committee arranges a lot of festivals that are attended by both residents and tourists.

Christmas and Epiphany

Christmas and Epiphany

In the village of Ron Christmas begins with the raising of an imposing Christmas Tree over the fountain, which illuminates the little square with its lights.
The festivities end with the traditional bonfire with the “Befana” (an old woman), who, together with the “Befana-man” and their donkey, brings the children socks full of sweets.

Walk of the Spring Awakening

Walk of the Spring Awakening

At the end of march the Committee organises a guided walk along the valley ‘to awaken’ Spring by the tinkle of many small bells. This walk is dedicated to the children, who, in this way, learn to know the landscape, the flowers, the animals and the sounds of an unspoilt natural habitat.

Saint Bernardino’s Pizza

Saint Bernardino’s Pizza

For a few years the village of Ron has celebrated St. Bernardino, one of the two patron saints, in a rather different fashion: during the middle weekend of May the Committee makes pizzas for everybody in the Martina Recreation Ground overlooking the square. The pizzas are baked to order in a mobile oven and are served with a special beer… At the end of the evening there is also a lottery rich in prizes!

The Contest of the Town’s Villages

Inter-Village Contests

Every year, at the beginning of July, a team from the village of Ron takes part in an inter-village contest organised by the municipality of Valdobbiadene in Marconi Square. The team is usually well supported by a great many picturesquely attired fans.

You will come back to Ron

Back to Ron

Every year, in the middle of August, the Committee organises an old traditional village festival that is dedicated to St. Rocco, one of two patron saints of the village. For this occasion the little square of Ron is closed to traffic and decked out with a stage for music and dance. Kiosks supply wine-and-food specialities, like meat cooked on the spit called ‘el bocon del laico’ the layman’s morsel served with polenta (a traditional dish made from maize flour) and chips eaten on wooden tables of which there are never enough. All of this just to enjoy the summer evenings in joyous company.

Chestnut’s Festival of St. Prosdocimo

The St. Prosdocimo Chestnut Festival

In November, the chestnut season, the Committee organizes a festival dedicated to chestnuts and new wine near the St. Prosdocimo shrine.